DTG Quality Update

Your happiness with the product quality is of the utmost importance to us. We are making it easy to ensure that your DTG order is printed exactly as expected.

On April 21, we're removing products that are not fit for DTG printing.

After extensive testing of DTG printing and pinpointing the garments on which it performs best, we are removing items that do not meet our standards of excellence for DTG printing. When ordering with Scalable Press on and after April 21, it will be very clear whether an item is DTG approved.

Items that have been removed as a result of our testing include: heather colors; loose weave fabrics; and polyester and polyester blends.

DTG Approved and Screenprint Approved Tags
You will be guided to the best printing method for your selected product, quickly and easily.

Every relevant item in our catalog will be labeled clearly to let you know which type of printing is best:

  • DTG Approved: This item has passed our strict DTG quality control test.
  • Screenprint Approved: This item has passed our strict screenprint quality control test.
  • DTG Approved and Screenprint Approved: This item has passed both our strict DTG quality control test and our strict screenprint quality control test.
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DTG Best Practices

Not all printing types and fabrics interact equally. Here are a few of DTG printing best practices that we considered when creating these labels.

  • Print on 100% cotton fabric. DTG printing uses water-based ink that needs to be absorbed by the fabric, which cotton does well.
  • Use caution when printing on poly-blends. While cotton is perfect for DTG, polyester is not. Polyester repels water and water-based ink, making it difficult for the ink to be absorbed correctly. Some poly-blends have been approved.
  • Don't print on polyester. Screenprinting is the preferred option for this fabric.
  • Lighter colors are better. A 'pretreat' layer is applied on garments with colors to make sure the colors do not blend in with the color of the shirt. The pretreat works better on lighter colors.
  • Upload PNG files of 300 dpi or higher with RGB colorspace. Uploading artwork in this format is the best way to ensure that your design will be transferred correctly.

DTG printing will not be available for items that do not pass our strict Quality Control test.