How Scalable Press API Can Impact Ride-Sharing

The Scalable Press API enables the printing and shipping of physical products, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and t-shirts, with a simple API call. This API has large implications and can be employed in a wide variety of ways. Here are just a couple of examples of how the Scalable Press API can make an impact for ride-sharing companies.

  1. Reward Drivers for Loyalty
  2. Reward them for consistently driving with your company by sending them a branded shirt when they reach a service landmark.
    • 25 rides accepted in a month
    • 100 total rides with the company
    • 5-star driver rating with a minimum of 15 rides
  3. Gift Repeat Customers
  4. Giving away swag is an easy and cost-efficient way to turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors. From branded t-shirts to sleek phone cases, it will be easy for people to know that their friend supports your mission.

All of these are easily possible with the power of the Scalable Press API. Getting swag to the people that matter most to your company has never been easier. Learn more about the Scalable Press API and all that it has to offer here: