Implementing the Scalable Press API in Mobile Games

The Scalable Press API enables the printing and shipping of physical products, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and t-shirts, with a simple API call. While the wide range of possibilities for this API may not be immediately recognized, this is truly a powerful API with a wide variety of implementations. There are a couple of ways this tool can be leveraged just within the mobile game industry.

  1. Honor Achievements With Low-Cost Merchandise
  2. Giving away branded merchandise serves a dual purpose: on one hand, it incentivizes continued interaction with the game, while it also allows players to become real-world brand ambassadors. Some ideas include:
    • Send players a branded t-shirt upon logging 100 hours of play
    • Send players a phone case with their avatar on it when they have reached a chosen level

  1. Create In-Game Physical Item Purchases

While in-game monetization is for the most part limited to virtual purchases and advertising, the realm of physical product in-game transactions has been largely unexplored. There is a lot of potential in this area that has yet to be realized. You can:

  • Sell t-shirts and posters customized with each player’s avatar and statistics on it
  • Sell posters with a player’s home base on it
  • Sell “#Rank Player NA” mugs

Both of these implementations can be accomplished cost-effectively. Scalable Press has the lowest base costs in the industry and does not have a minimum order.

Price Chart

These are just two simple ways that the Scalable Press API can be leveraged to further monetize the mobile gaming industry. Learn more about our powerful printing and fulfillment API here:

*Mobile case image cropped from “Wizard- teleporter” courtesy of Himura- mechaniza. This image was used under the license of Creative Commons.