We’re pleased to announce Galaxy S8|S8+ phone cases are now available for sublimation printing.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has people excited. And they need cases. In this last decade, the difference between smartphones has become increasingly incremental, but Samsung has giving consumers something to think about. From its massive 5.8-inch OLED wraparound display and sleek design to its cutting edge hardware and upgraded image processing, the newest edition to the Galaxy line has everybody talking.

Adding phone cases to your store, particularly the latest styles, lets your customer base know that your accessory offering is keeping pace.

Why sell phone cases?

Protection.  What would you do without your phone? Most people consider protection first, looking for durability and quality in a phone case.

Style. Sure, protection is necessary, but aesthetics are important too. Design creativity goes a long way. For some, a phone case is a fashion statement. Know your audience and design accordingly.

Technology.  Many people are just generally interested in all things tech. They want the latest and greatest, and new phones mean new cases. Phone cases offer built-in customer retention, because eventually, everybody upgrades.

How to sell phone cases

Create thoughtful designs. With sublimation printing, the entire case is your canvas. You have complete freedom of design, with the ability to capture maximum detail in full color for even your most complex designs.

Detailed product descriptions. Design details are important but so are product descriptions. Including information pertaining to the quality of your phone cases will cater to the consumer seeking pure protection.

Limited time offers. Creating a sense of urgency with special offers, coupons, and promo codes will create a buzz and drive sales. Check out the Bulk Discount and Automatic Discount apps for an easy way to integrate special offers.

Social media. Harnessing the power of Facebook advertising, you can build custom audiences designed to target users based on devices they’re using. Serve specific ads to Android and iPhone users to offer a clear path to your products.

Phone cases as promotional products

Phone cases offer valuable real estate for promoting businesses, whether it’s your own or you’re offering promotional products to other businesses. People take their phones everywhere, and they’re walking billboards, unknowingly advertising everything they wear, drink, and use. Make your business a part of their everyday ensemble. Phone cases also make for great giveaways, and most importantly, they have a practical use.

Phone cases are a popular must-have for many smartphone owners. The motivations for buying cases are vastly different – some people favor practicality and protection, while others are more interested in a case that represents their personal style. Either way, give your customers what they want by offering several styles.

Now that you have the tools to get started, you’re ready to add custom designed phone cases to your lineup.

For information regarding artwork submissions for phone case designs, check out our Artwork Guide.

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