Resources for your Shopify store

With more than 1400+ apps, the Shopify App Store is home to plenty of free marketing tools you can use to increase revenue at no cost. From email and SEO to product reviews and personalized recommendations, you can build a top-down marketing strategy for your e-commerce business in a few clicks.

Here’s a list of some useful apps to get you started:

Better Coupon Box  

Free email pop-ups

Better Coupon Box is a great first impression for potential customers. When customers first enter your store, a responsive popup offers them a discount for following one of your social profiles a great tool for customer acquisition. Entice new customers to keep coming back to see what else you may be offering, and build a community around your business at the same time.


Reviews, photos, and Q & A

Increase sales by generating more site & product reviews with Yotpo’s signature in-mail review form. Maximize engagement and retention opportunities from marketing channels using coupons, review request emails, and Facebook, Twitter & Instagram integrations as part of a robust suite of loyalty & retention tools.


Email notifications, upsells, and analytics

Every interaction with customers is a marketing opportunity – even your notification emails. Spently allows you to integrate product recommendations, discounts, and follow-up messaging after every purchase. Customize templates to include branding, images, social links and more. Customers are excited when they purchase something. Take advantage and serve them something else they may enjoy.


Loyalty, rewards, and referrals

People love rewards. You can use LoyaltyLion to add a customized loyalty program and build a gateway to valuable customer insights in minutes. Encourage customer engagement by offering points for a number of events including sign-ups, purchases, birthdays, likes, social referrals and more. Customers can collect points and redeem them for rewards, promoting interaction and customer loyalty for your e-commerce business. 

Facebook Chat

Customer engagement, customer support

Establish relationships with your customers in a more personal way. With Facebook Chat by Beeketing, you carry on conversations with customers through Facebook, right from your store. Support customers anywhere, anytime even on your mobile phone.

SEO Image Optimizer 

Search engine optimization

Installing SEO Image Optimizer allows you improve your SEO in less than 2 minutes. This powerful app adds custom alt tags to all of your products to help you harness the power of Google image search and boost sales. Choose from a default alt text template, or create your own.

Sales Pop

Pop-up notifications, conversions

Built with the concept of social proof, this app displays purchase activity and other custom pop-up notifications on your store in real time. Sales Pop is a great way to generate buzz, build trust and create a complete customer experience for those browsing your store a great growth-hack for new stores.

Bulk Discounts 

Coupons and discount code generator

Bulk Discounts is a free app that allows you to create large quantities of discount codes and import them to your store in a few clicks. Create single use, limited use, and unlimited use codes. With Bulk Discounts, it’s easy to manage all of your codes and track conversions.

Plug in SEO 

Search engine optimization

Identify issues your store may be having in all of the essential areas of search engine optimization including page titles, headings, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, keywords, content and much more. Plug in SEO provides code snippets and directions to make sure you’re taking advantage of Shopify’s powerful SEO features.

Personalized Recommendations

Product recommendations

A unique app that unleashes product discovery with, well, personalized recommendations. Collect valuable customer behavior data, analyze purchase histories, and deliver the right product recommendations to the right customers to increase sales and customer retention. Note: while this app carries no setup fee, the developer does require 4% of revenue generated directly from the app. No additional sales, no charge.

The takeaway

Offering your customers high-quality custom apparel and accessories is only half the battle. While Scalable Press can print and fulfill your orders as they roll in, you need a strategy in place to get customers in the door, and to take it a step further keep them coming back. Sure, there are some great paid apps and services you can implement, but if you’re operating on a budget or you’ve just launched a new store, you have an entire arsenal of free marketing tools at your disposal in the Shopify App Store.

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