The sublimation process

Sublimation, or dye sublimation, is the process of printing a special ink onto transfer paper. As opposed to traditional inkjet transfers, which print ink on top of fabric or any item with which you’re working, the sublimation process infuses a layer of ink directly onto the fabric or surface. This allows us to cover more of the surface area of your item. Hence, the term all-over printing.

There are two important factors to consider for sublimation orders:


Taking the placement of your design into consideration is critical for sublimation printing. For the most accurate placement on our mugs and phone cases, please use our templates.

Full-wrap prints

The term “full-wrap” refers to the exterior surface area of the product. For mugs, this refers to the surface from one side of the handle to the other, excluding the handle area, itself. For phone cases, full-wrap refers to the front, sides, and edges of the exterior of the case, excluding the inside of the case.

High-quality (150 dpi) raster PNG files are required for sublimation print orders.


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