What do Starbucks, Taco Bell, Instagram and Pandora all have in common? Along with many other companies, they’ve all updated their branding over the past few years. In today’s fast paced and hyper competitive business landscape, it’s crucial to remain relevant to customers, and branding plays a huge role in that effort. What’s more, a few updates to a company’s branding can solve for a lot of things, from helping a company attract the right audience to boosting growth and recapturing lost attention.

So, when a customer has spent the time, money, and effort to refresh its branding, it’s right to think they’ll want a fresh take on how to debut their updated logo on merchandise as well. Being able to put useful products that align with their brand in the hands of employees, along with current and potential consumers, is practically the first stop on the shiny new brand train. However, deciding which products to offer can be a little more challenging.

Here are 5 things to think about if you’re working with a client that’s just undergone a brand refresh.

1. Get creative

They say you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. However, in the case of the brand refresh, that’s exactly what’s happening. Reintroducing the brand is an exciting opportunity to capture — and recapture clients, and to get people talking. So get creative about the ways the updated logo can be displayed. This could mean recommending products your customer hasn’t ordered before or iterating off things they’ve offered in the past under their old branding. It’s also a good idea to tie in the industry they’re in, but it doesn’t have to be with items that you’d expect to have a company’s logo on. Experiment with the unexpected.  

2. Go for longevity

We all know there are certain staples that come with a brand roll out, from pens to sticky notes, t-shirts, and mugs. And while you can get a lot of mileage out of these products in terms of use and impressions, think about additional items that can go the distance until the next brand refresh. Outdoor apparel, tech and fitness gear, car accessories, and messenger bags are just a few examples of products made to last.  

3. Think about everyday value and utility

If you’ve read the latest findings from Advertising Specialty Institute’s ad impression study, you’ll know the average U.S. household owns 30 promo items. That’s not by accident, but a testament to the usefulness of the products themselves.  So to get your customer’s products in the mix and make their brand a household name, you should think about items that provide everyday functionality. Drinkware, towels, blankets, key chains, wearables, wireless speakers, ear buds, and tote bags are great examples of products we all use every day, so why not throw some of these suggestions into your pitch.  

4. Make it stand out

Visibility is the name of the game, right? While you should have suggestions for office items for employees, think about products that have life beyond those walls.  Of course, apparel and backpacks are always good bets for catching the attention of other commuters and easy ways to help employees be brand ambassadors. But think about other ways to make an impression. Phone cases, cell phone wallets, pop sockets, vinyl decals for laptops, and tablet covers are just a few other ideas that can help get a brand noticed.

5. Opt for sustainability

E-consciousness matters. If you’ve checked out our post on sustainability, you’ll see that it will only continue to gain more traction. These days, customers want products that will not only endure, but are made with eco-friendly manufacturing practices. This is where reusable goods and other Earth-friendly materials come into play. Refillable notebooks, apparel and accessories made with responsibly sourced materials, reusable water bottles, even planters and grow kits are some creative products you can suggest to companies looking to incorporate green thinking with their brand.

The bottom line 

The ultimate success of a brand refresh has many variables, including with how carefully the refresh has been considered, but also where it stands in relation to its competitors and how well it sums up the company ethos. By taking these 5 areas into consideration, you’ll be in a great position to provide valuable, timely, and relevant advice on how customers can showcase their rejuvenated brand to maximize its visibility and raise awareness.


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