As more states are announcing shelter in place orders, and others extending them in an effort to contain COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to find healthy outlets to help keep your health and well-being intact while we practice social distancing. We’ve put together 7 tips that can help you feel optimistic and connected in these uncertain times.

  1. Stay connected. We’re calling it social distancing, but it’s really spatial distancing. And it really shouldn’t stop you from connecting with your friends and loved ones who aren’t within your household. Fortunately, the digital age has brought us tools to help stay connected, albeit virtually, with those who matter most. So use this time to ‘dial up’ the communication through services such as Zoom, Houseparty, Slack, Skype, FaceTime, and Google Duo.
  2. Skill up. Now’s the time tackle those diy home projects, explore new hobbies or revisit existing ones, or take those online courses (here are some free online learning courses) we’ve always been meaning to complete, but never felt we had time for. By pouring yourself into activities, you’ll have the benefit of accomplishing things and learning new skills that could be useful in your professional and personal life.
  3. Practice self care. Your health is of utmost importance right now, so do what you can to maintain it. Prioritize healthy eating and doing quality wellness activities, whether that’s doing some yoga, meditation, exercise, or just having a good soak in the bath tub. Whatever method you choose will go a long way towards contributing to your health and well-being.
  4. Limit screen time. While it’s all too easy to get sucked into hours of browsing, watching, and listening to breaking news, it can potentially cause stress. Staying informed is one thing, spending your time constantly reading grim news is another. This includes limiting your time on social media as well and practicing conscious consumption.
  5. Focus on what you can control. With so much going on right now and with most of us sheltered in place, it’s easy to feel helpless. However, it’s important to remember there are things in our lives that are still within our control. How we respond to things, how we behave towards others, and how we spend our time right now are all things that we dictate, along with the smaller things in life, from what we wear to what we eat every day. If you shift your attention toward those aspects of life that are within your control, it can help restore your sense of agency and self-confidence as we navigate these uncertain times.
  6. Stick to a routine. This is especially key for those who are new to working from home and are looking for a sense of normalcy and stability. While time right might feel abstract right now, with each day blending into the next, you can add some structure to your day by allotting time for all of your activities, from when you work, to meal times, when you do exercise and household activities, and when you’re devoting time to family, friends, and pets.
  7. Show support. If you’re able to help financially, consider supporting a campaign that’s meaningful to you. Other ways of demonstrating support include offering words of kindness and compassion to loved ones through letters, cards, calls, emails, and social posts, or by donating blood, platelets, or essential supplies to those on the front lines.
  8. Keep doing your part. Remember that we have been asked to do something out of the ordinary to keep our society safe in what’s an extraordinary time. By staying at home, washing our hands, and resisting the urge to stockpile, we’re doing our part to protect others so we can get back to business as usual. While it may not feel like superhero work, we are protecting our friends, family, neighbors, and those who are most vulnerable. All of this will add up. So keep doing your part, keeping moving forward, and together we’re going to come out of this.

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