Take a look at what’s on your desk. Chances are, there’s some form of customized drinkware on it. Maybe it’s the mug that holds your morning coffee or a reusable water bottle that you sip on throughout the day. Even if there’s not one on your desk, it’s likely you have some form of branded drinkware in your house. According to ASI’s 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study, 78% of us do, whether it was something that we purchased at the store or received as a gift or a giveaway.
Truth is, drinkware has been a popular offering in the promo space for a while — long enough to be classified as a part of the more traditional products such as pens, magnets, and keychains. Drinkware is durable, has a long shelf-life, and a relatively low cost per impression, which works well for generating brand awareness, regardless of company size or industry. However, these days, there’s more driving the demand for drinkware, and even more reason to include it as part of your promo products lineup if you haven’t already.

5 factors driving the drinkware trend

1. Retail-me-yes: Customers are looking for products that have the same value, trendiness, and quality as those found in retail. Historically, that’s been hard to deliver upon, given the gap between retail and promo. But that space is closing quickly, with top brands such as Yeti, S’well, Contigo, Tervis, Viking, and Corkicle entering the promo space, making it easier for you to offer the high-end drinkware clients want.

2. Hydration inflation: There’s never been a greater choice in what to drink, from craft beverages and brews to coffee, soda, water, and health tonics. As the beverage industry continues to get even more specialized, the drinkware industry is responding with unique and fun designs that are portable as well, from collapsible, space-saving water bottles to silicone pint glasses and wine stems.

3. Eco-smarts count: Companies are more eco-conscious and looking for products to show their employees and customers they’re green-minded. Reusable drinkware fits this bill because of its long shelf life and ability to help reduce the plastic waste that comes with single-use cups and bottles.

4. Performance meets practicality: Customers aren’t just looking for what’s on-trend. They’re looking for products that perform day-in and day-out. Drinkware manufacturers have answered the call, with smartly engineered products that include double-wall and copper-lined insulation to keep coffee hot and soda cold for hours on end.

5. A gift for all seasons: Company budgets for promotional products can contract, especially these days, which prioritizes spending smarter. Custom, reusable drinkware can be used anytime, regardless of season, which means your customers can get more bang for their buck.

What’s next?

While customized drinkware has been a staple in the traditional promotional products lineup, today’s offerings are far from traditional and in high demand. Consumer trends and habits will continue to play a key role in driving the variety and versatility products that will soon come to market. Just last year, we saw the rollout of customized, reusable water bottles with Bluetooth-enabled speakers and wireless headphones. What they’ll think of next is anybody’s guess. Just be ready for it, as your customers will want to know.