Give influencers the ability to sell merch on TikTok.

MerchFix for TikTok

TikTok influencers have millions of followers. Their followers want merch. Give your influencers the most streamlined path to merch sales with integrated fulfillment.

Host merch

Influencers want to sell merch. Let them sell it on the app with the MerchFix™ for TikTok.

Nationwide fulfillment

Fast production and on-demand fulfillment from locations throughout the country.

Leverage a network

We’re partnered with top influencer merch sites like Fanjoy and Crowdmade.

Seamless integration

Easy-to-use interface powered by our API for automated, on-demand fulfillment.

What is MerchFix?

MerchFix™ for TikTok would allow eligible influencers to sell merch directly on their feed. Out with “link in bio” and in with the most integrated merch experience on social media.


Set the requirements

Choose the criteria for eligible influencers, and create a simple application process.

Set your retailers

Supported merch retailers will be responsible for all aspects of merch sales including, but not limited to, merchandising, warehousing, order fulfillment, refunds, customer service, inventory management, and creator or artist payment.

Enable MerchFix

Once an influencer or account is approved, toggle MerchFix on and influencers are free to host a set number of products on their profile.