Scalable Press and BrightStores

Scalable Press has recently launched an integration with BrightStores, the company store platform designed exclusively to support the promotional products industry.

Ready to automate your BrightStores?

Turn your e-commerce business into a growth engine

E-commerce shouldn't be manual. The Scalable Press integration to BrightStores enables you to fulfill orders fasters and grow your e-commerce businesses smarter. Tap into the most advanced customization network in the industry, and scale your e-commerce business more strategically.


Connect your BrightStores account to Scalable Press in a few easy steps. Build your catalog from more than 3600 products from top suppliers.

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Eliminate administrative tasks like exporting orders, generating purchase orders, and communicating order statuses to your customers.

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Focus on e-commerce growth. Launch stores faster. Pair your company stores with the Scalable Press API to create an automated sales engine.

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How it works

Whether you're an avid BrightStores user or just getting started, connecting the Scalable Press single-invoice solution means no more order exports and half as many as invoices.

Here's how it works:


Create design IDs

Design IDs include color, size, and placement information. We'll associate design IDs with each logo to ensure the proper information is sent back to Scalable Press when your customers place orders.

Choose your products

Our BrightStores catalog is a combination of over 3600 products from top suppliers. Pull product data to populate colors, descriptions, and other variances to build your company store catalog.

Add Scalable Press as a vendor

Change the vendor of applicable products to Scalable Press. Now, you're ready to start taking orders. When an order comes in, we'll order blanks, decorate, and ship to your customer. And it's all automated.
For BrightStores customers

Migrate your product catalog

If you’re already a BrightStores customer, migrate your products and assign Scalable Press as the vendor to take advantage of automated order fulfillment – click to ship.

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For Scalable Press customers

Build your Bright Sites

Once you register for a BrightStores account, we’ll help you generate design IDs to associate with your products. Assign Scalable Press as the vendor and let the automation begin.

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Tone on tone reimagined

No more color matching. Our ThreadSmart™ tone on tone technology automatically selects a thread color that matches any product color in your program with 98% accuracy or greater.

Oceanic Green

RA 5746


RA 7712


RA 9042

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Connect your Bright Sites stores to Scalable Press to experience company store fulfillment as it should be – fast and easy.